• Long road trips can be unexciting to many, especially for kids who brim with energy all the time! So, having planned for a long road trip, are you looking for ways to keep your co-travelers entertained? Then, we think the Audiovox VOD128 Car Video Player will do the magic of holding them back to their seats throughout the travel!
    With a 12.1-inch wide LCD screen, the Audiovox VOD128 Car Video Player offers you the real experience of watching movies. Well, if you find watching movies and listening to your favorite MP3 tracks quite monotonous, then switch over to the FM tuner also available in this gadget and tune in to your favorite music station!
    Do you find any of your co-travelers in deep sleep? Then, you obviously wouldn't want to disturb them! But at the same time you can't compromise on the entertainment of others' travelling with you! With In-mirror video , this Audiovox LCD DVD player lets your family and friends enjoy the movie without disturbing others.
    Children tend to get restless as hours pass by during a road trip. But with the 30 game wireless controller that the Audiovox Vod128 12.1" DVD Roof Video Player has, your children will be kept busy for hours. Since In-mirror video is wireless, it doesn't matter even if your children sit at the back seat; the game controller will keep them engaged.
    If you are not sure if this Audiovox LCD DVD player will go well with your car's interiors, then don't lose sleep over it! It comes with two snap-on painted trim rings - pewter and shale. So you can go with the color that suits your car's interior the best. To further add to your convenience this Audiovox widescreen flipdown monitor can be closed when not in use!
    So all set for the trip? We think your trip wouldn't be exciting without the Audiovox VOD128 Car Video Player in your car!

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